Best Bosch 4410L Compound Miter Saw Review

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Let me start off by saying I'm not a cabinet maker of 20 years nor a sun tanned construction worker on my sixth miter saw. I can't tell you about cut comparisons and won't try to sway you on accessories I know nothing about. This is my first miter saw and I thought I might be able to help someone in the same boat. I knew nothing about miter saws so I started a two month long search that included the internet, magazines, and local store visits. Like most (all) items everyone has a favorite but like cream some names always rise to the top. The majority of the tool reviews put Makita and Bosch at the top of the miter saw list. Many customer reviews also found favorites in DeWalt, Delta, Hitachi, Milwaukee and, Ridgid. I don't really care about the names since I own products from many of the above. My only criteria for this selection was to avoid my greatest fear "Buyers Remorse".

After doing my homework I sat down with the information gathered and had to decide what type of saw met my needs.

-My table saw has a 10 inch blade so why not stick with this size? - cut capacity
-Can cut capacity be increased without going to a larger blade? - slider
-How about a laser? - why not?
-Dual bevel? - almost standard
-Ease of use? - proper adjustment location with precision movement. good manual

So it was going to be a 10 inch dual bevel compound slider with laser.

This combination pretty much left me with the Hitachi, the Makita and, the Bosch. From my review reading I narrowed the selection down to Makita or Bosch but I wanted to see all three in person first. I could not find the 10 inch Bosch in my area so I checked out the 12 inch in its place. If price and availability were not an issue the Bosch would win hands down. I may not have know anything about miters but I knew quality when I saw it. The Bosch appeared to be better built, certainly had a better layout and had a smoother action than the other two. My choice seemed to be a no brainer until Amazon offered the Makita at a very hard to pass up price the same day I was going to make my move. I ran back to the store to take another look at the Makita, thought about "Buyers Remorse" and ordered the Bosch. I ordered it from Amazon because of the price and it was not available locally. It arrived in good shape and thank god it had a good manual because I didn't have a clue as to what to do with it. After much reading, I mounted the saw on a Delta miter saw stand, nice stand, good price at Lowe's. I had to make a small blade adjustment to get it plumb and I was up and running. The included Bosch blade is decent but I replaced it with an Infinity "Miter Max" and all is well (I'll keep the Bosch blade for back-up).

After a lot of playing and a few home projects you may ask about "buyers Remorse" - Not here - not with this saw!

Update: After a full year of use and many projects later I'm still very happy with this purchase. I do agree that dust collection additions are a must and the laser site is only to be used for quick rough cuts, but I think this is true on all miter saws. You should also invest in a top-notch quality blade. Great saw!

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